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Human brand platform development.

Introducing the world’s most comprehensive personal brand development program.

• Private discovery sessions with the Bad People team

• Personal story & bio professionally crafted

• Expert positioning development

• Personal logo & visual identity development

• Professional photoshoot

• “Get to know you” television quality video creation

• Social Media channel branding

• Handcrafted personal website/blog

• Podcast strategy & branding

• Social media content strategy

• Professionally written book (includes all design)

• Speaker/Media/Press Kit creation

• Brand monetization strategy

• Access to Bad People Fame Management Division

Client Case Study

Bruno guevremont

Vet battles PTSD with an impenetrable brand platform.

Bruno is a badass Veteran ex-Navy Diver, Paratrooper, explosions expert, and the only member of Canadian Forces to ever dismantle a live suicide bomber.

After he was released from military service for Post Traumatic Stress, he wanted to rise as the voice for his brothers and sisters who were still battling the war at home.

But with his current “brand”, he couldn’t launch at the magnitude he needed.
He needed us.


Bruno’s numerous achievements weren’t filtering into a consistent platform.

His “brand” was fragmented throughout the various communities he was involved in.

His visual identity wasn’t adding to his brand equity.

He was unclear on how to productize or monetize his efforts.

He was earning much less than his expertise warranted.

Inability to monetize his reputation and expertise.

before bad people


Starting with our powerful in-house deep-dive discovery session we distilled Bruno’s messaging, personal story, passion and mission into a  clear expert brand positioning.

We have this uncanny ability to pull out the unique stuff.
We collaborated at our in-house discovery/strategy breakdown session.
We get mad conceptual with a whiteboard and intense interviews and note taking to make sure we read between the lines.
We deconstructed his story, knowledge, expertise, goals and values, wants and needs for concept and voice/tone creation.
We gave his image a makeover. Professional photography, videos, styling and networking with some of L.A.’s big hitters.

It’s pure awesomeness and creativity on our turf.


We developed a comprehensive inbound and outbound content strategy.

We distilled his messaging and story into a digestible funnel for customer intrigue.

Developed a product-focused brand monetization strategy

We developed a one-of-a-kind, immersive user experience.

We put it all together into cohesive brand assets that position him as a credible expert.
• Custom visual identity to engage his specified target demographic
• Website development, copywriting and design
• Social channel rebrand and extensive social strategy

with bad people

the platform

Clean, authentic brand platform
Co-authored and designed ebook
Clear expert positioning, messaging and
Digital product concept, creation and design